Peter Michaelson — I spent the 1970s and early 1980s searching for answers to my chronic dissatisfaction and career dead-ends. I tried many popular self-development methods, including gestalt, bioenergetics, primal therapy, cognitive therapy, psychosynthesis, yoga, and meditation, along with rebirthing, sweat lodges, and other New Age approaches.

Most of these methods of self-development helped me out to some degree. But I knew some deeper conflict and inner disconnect remained, largely because I still wasn’t feeling fully creative and self-assured. However, I had no idea how to uncover deeper self-awareness, and I was quite discouraged about getting help.

Fortunately, while living in Naples, Florida, I heard about a psychotherapist who “worked very deeply in the unconscious.” In 1985, I became a client of his. In sessions with him, I soon learned about the fundamental conflicts within me, and I began to resolve them.

I have been using this unique psychotherapy with my own clients ever since. I have also written books that discuss different aspects of this approach. These books examine self-esteem, addictions, compulsions, self-sabotage, inner passivity, aggression, as well as social and political factors, all from the perspective of depth psychology.

I am licensed in Michigan as a Professional Counselor. I practice in Plymouth, Michigan, and do telephone sessions with clients throughout the world. My Master’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling (1987) is from Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio. I also have a degree in journalism (Carleton University, Ottawa, 1966).

In addition to my books, three other books dealing with this in-depth knowledge are available at this website. These books were written by my late wife, Sandra Michaelson (1944-1999), and they discuss this powerful knowledge from the perspectives of relationships and codependency.

Sandra believed that psychology, at its most insightful, is able to deliver us to the doorway of enlightenment, and she led all of us who knew her into deeper self-understanding, toward joy and inner freedom.


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