A psychotherapist is a guide who helps people move through their defenses and resistance, beyond their suffering, to encounter their authentic self.

My clients get in touch with their essential goodness as they learn what’s causing their self-defeat, anxiety, distress, and unhappiness.

In this process, individuals resolve the inner conflicts and emotional attachments by which they maintain their suffering. This process works by bringing those inner conflicts into focus so they no longer operate unconsciously, beyond the reach of our intelligence.

I work with individuals who are relatively healthy. This means they are able to hold a job and are not addicted to drugs or alcohol. I prefer not to work with individuals who have been diagnosed with personality disorders or who are aware of having such disorders.

Individuals who want to do sessions with me are advised to begin by reading at least one or two of the books that are offered here. This helps them to understand my method more fully, so that the benefits of the process are felt sooner.

I offer individual therapy or teaching sessions in person, by telephone, or through email exchanges. If you are interested, send an email to Provide some information about yourself, including the main concerns you wish to resolve.

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